Rolls-Royce Arts Programme: Muse

Team Willer created the brand identity for the Rolls-Royce Art Programme which is now named Muse (after Rolls-Royce’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy). 

A few months prior to the launch of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brand, the Muse identity and the brand film were revealed in a gala event at the Serpentine Gallery, all of which were designed by Pentagram.

Created in studio I worked alongside Marina Willer to art direct the launch film, using refractions to create abstract light projections. The brand was then translated into a gala event through light and a flag walkway entrance.


Marina Willer
Project team
Hamlet Auyeung
Stuart Gough
Marta Gaspar
Cleber de Campos
Ana Lapa
Kate Blewett
Jenni Kaunisto
Ben Leonard (DOP)